STEINAR's SEARCH ENGINE (Any text)". You may search for:

Tux follows you everywhere Tux follows you everywhere Hint: If slash prefix is added, (english) WORD scan is performed instead.Ex: /ski
Tux follows you everywhere Tux follows you everywhere Tux follows you everywhere
Tux follows you everywhere Tux follows you everywhere Tux follows you everywhere
Tux follows you everywhere Tux follows you everywhere Hint: Prefix RANGE search also possible now.Try 'ab' or 'lb' etc
Hint: try 'hz' or 'primær,sekundær' in your filter

The REPEATER, HAM OPERATOR, DMR USER, DXCC and RADIO REGULATION search is taken thru already available public lists,
but in my search engine you may type anything (that's your filter). Even abbreviations are very welcome!
There are 3 kinds of filters:
Filter type You use Example of typing Result when using [HAM OPERATOR]
AND ' ' svein oslo You require a filter having BOTH 'svein' AND 'oslo' (or part of) on the SAME line (strict filter)
OR ',' svein,oslo You require a filter having EITHER 'svein' OR 'oslo' (or part of):may be on DIFFERENT lines (loose filter)
WORD '/word' /ski You require a filter having WORD search,e.g only hams in SKI are listed (none from ASKIM)(strict filter)
See examples below
You may even search with short or long multiple abbreviated arguments (as many as you want), like: dm hama (means possibly DMR Hamar?)
IMPORTANT: Do not use both comma and space in your filter. Prefixing /word will perform WORD search on english letters
Some repeater examples:
ex1: mjøs innland will show all lines BOTH having 'mjøs' AND 'innland' on the SAME line
ex2: mjøs,innland will show all lines having 'mjøs' OR 'innland'
ex3: oslo,gjøvik will search for either Oslo lines OR Gjøvik lines
ex4: oslo, gjøvik is an ILLEGAL input as both comma and space are used. No search is done.
ex5: lille,gjø,hamar will show all repeaters in either lille(hammer),gjø(vik) OR hamar
ex6: /hamar will show only hams in Hamar
ex7: cross on repeater search will show only cross(band) repeaters
ex8: /dmr on repeater search will show only DMR repeaters
ex9: aprs osl grefs (short for list APRS stations only on Grefs(enkollen) in Oslo
ex10:ski lists all hams having names or addresses etc where ski is a part the line
ex11:/ski see the difference?, only hams living in SKI is listed
ex12:145.675 lists repeaters only using 145.675 MHz
ex13:88.5 lists repeaters only using 88.5 Hz subtone
Filter / is a more restrictive filter than using space or comma filter.

My personal remarks to the input lists:
The raw input to these searchs are taken from the NCOM/NRRL lists which I see have some flaws, but was the best I found to use.
My way of addressing this is the way of SEARCHING the repeater list which I found very intricate in the NRRL solution so I made my own search engines
Try now using text like the red words (or any other) while using the [SEARCH REPEATER] button above
If you do not find your repeater/ham in the list please inform the stake holders (not me),
like The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) or NRRL.
I even found some members dead in the Nkom list.
(I plan to make automatic list updates and cell phone adapts later on as well)

Last updated: Wed 21 Apr 2021 03:16:55 PM CEST.